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We are here to serve you.  Our extensive network of experts with over 200 of years of combined experience gives you access to innovative experts across diverse industries​

Looking to stay one step ahead of your competitors?
Want to bring your new technology to market quickly?
Need to increase your revenue by creating a 'killer-product'?
We can help.

RebWix Solutions is a leading technology and innovation company, renowned for its ability to solve technical problems and provide creative, practical solutions to business issues.

Rebel Team

Riccardo Barbone    Engineering & Projects

Eric Pallast                 Legal & Communications

Frank Krust                Environmental & Advertising

Terry Fernandez         Financial & Economics

Staffan Helley             Geology & Earth Science

Business Development

We focus on a broad range of industries ranging from Water, Energy, Environment, Mining, Political, Educational

From strategic planning, innovation to implementation and sustainable solutions

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